How to get object from array from mongodb using C#

i have the following JSON in MongoDB:

  "ScurvePlanName": "PipeTrack",
    "ScurvePlanData": [{
        "Levels": "Mechanical",
        "Scope": null,
        "StartDate": null,
        "EndDate": null,
        "Weightage": {
            "$numberDouble": "20"
        "ParentLevels": "",
        "ActivityId": null,
        "IsInternal": false
    }, {
        "Levels": "Welding",
        "Scope": {
            "$numberDouble": "2000"
        "StartDate": "898989667687687768768",
        "EndDate": "898989667687687768768",
        "Weightage": {
            "$numberDouble": "5"
        "ParentLevels": "Mechanical",
        "ActivityId": {
            "$numberDouble": "5"
        "IsInternal": true

I only need objects inside the array which is the value of key “ScurvePlanData”.

This is my current code:

var fdbFiller= Builders<BsonDocument>.Filter.Eq("ScurvePlanName", SCurveName);
 var projection = Builders<BsonDocument>.Projection.Include("ScurvePlanData");
            var cursor = collection.Find<BsonDocument>

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This is not a Meteor question. You would be better off trying Stack Overflow.

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