How to get rolesTag description in members list?

hello Evryone
im started from only 2 month in my first project in rocket chat
i am work in Rocket Chat Developer Version as i know Rocket Chat Have role Tags For each user but its show only in user info page not in Members list
i need to add level Name for each users in Members list like

and this my code

in memberslist.coffe

	roleTags: ->
		uid = Template.instance().user.get()?._id
		roles = _.union(UserRoles.findOne(uid)?.roles, RoomRoles.findOne({'u._id': uid, rid: Session.get('openedRoom') })?.roles)
		return RocketChat.models.Roles.find({ _id: { $in: roles }, description: { $exists: 1 } }, { fields: { description: 1 } })

and memeberslist.html

{{#each users}}
	<li  class='user-image user-card-room'>
		<button data-username="{{username}}" tabindex="0" title="{{username}}">
			{{> avatar username=username}}
			<i class="status-{{status}}"></i>
					<div class="block2">
							{{#each roleTags}}
								<span class="role-tag background-info-font-color" data-role="{{description}}">{{description}}</span>
							{{#if muted}}
								<i class="icon-mute" title=""></i>


This code is working only in userinfo templateā€¦not in memeberlist templateā€¦and all in one packge but idont to know what i miss !!