How to get source code of an Atmosphere package?



Some packages are dropped from Github and we are using them in our production Apps. I prefer to get the whole source code and put into our own repo.

Looks like Atmosphere still has these packages and how can I download the source from Atmosphere? Is there any interface to do that? I think Meteor CLI will download the source from Atmosphere.



I believe the CLI only downloads the compiled code. I started a project which uses the Package Server API to get more data than is available on Atmosphere (and Fastosphere):


git clone
cd cosmosphere

In another console:

meteor shell
Data.Versions.findOne({packageName: 'author:package-name'}).source.url

It should return a URL for the zipped source which you can download.


That’s really helpful. I got everything I need now.

Thanks a lot,


Hi guys,

I didn’t have any luck with the above method. I am trying to grab the code of, which is dead on github, but functions fine. Any up-to-date-strategy on grabbing the code from athmosphere? The local-version .meteor/packages/ is compiled and unusable.

What a pitty that @geeksys has disappeared


Hello Mister @thebarty , I am glad to tell you that cosmosphere needs only a small fix to work with the current meteor package servers.

Either add https:// tothe beginning off App.packageServerUrl in cosmospheres’ /lib/app.js or you may use my own quick fork: until it hopefully is merged into cosmosphere vanilla.

Thanks to @reoh for making the great initial effort.


@DanielDornhardt ROCK N ROLL BABY! :hugs: