How to handle App crashing, to show something other than the last log on client side

I started using Meteor 2months ago and it is a great tool. I remarked that whenever there is an uncaugth exception server side, the last log from the server gets printed in client browser; For exemple it happens when my app can not access the database it uses.

I put the connection code in server/index.js and used try/catch to handle exceptions. It works well, my app should stop if any error occures at startup, but if i do process.exit() in the catch block, the last log goes to client browser, same thing with throwing Meteor.Error.
If i don’t use any of those, the client page try to load but as you may gess it hangs waiting for subscriptions to be ready.

I’d like to show an error message more friendly client side like “Application fail to start.” rather than a log with information about my code structure or the database i’m using. How can i do this ?

I’m using Iron:router for client side routing. Thanks