How to have concurrent user on my blog site?

I created my first meteor app, it is a simple blog, where users can post to it, but then i realize that if i open another new browser window. i cant have 2 or more user logged in at the same time, and also im going to create a chat room,private chat functionality in it. so i need enable this functionality in my app. can someone point me to the right direction on how to have concurrent users on my apps. thanks in advance sorry for my grammar

Other users shouldn’t be an issue. You won’t be able to have several users logged in from from the same browser window, but if you use a different browser, or even a separate incognito window in chrome, you should have no issue with having several users logged in at the same time.

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you right sir! thanks

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Check out my build script here: My departing gift from Meteor: Ubuntu Production Script

I built an MMO that had hundreds of users on a medium power machine, and optimized the code to have a 3 second loop on the server running at just 20%.

Fast as butter.

With the script above, you will be able to achieve the same thing. It’s like server cheat codes :slight_smile:

Not sure you understood the question there mate.