How to host Meteor, React App


Hey guys,

I am a newbie in Meteor, in desperate need to understand how to deploy and host Meteor App with React V.

With this question I hope not only to understand the ins and outs of hosting a Meteor/React/Apollo/GraphQL App, but also for the answers provide a comprehensive break-down of this for future newbies like I am now, so please be detailed in your answer, if possible.

The answer should:

1 - briefly mention what’s necessary to prepare the app for deployment
2 - how to deploy
3 - what hosting providers easiest/cheapest and most reliable (I read somewhere that Meteor hosting doesn’t provide the database layer - if this is true, pleas explain what needs to be done to compensate for this)
4 - what could be the scaling implications.

Many thanks in advance good sirs!




this article is a good starting point:

We host our app on our own root server.
For that we are using following commands to deploy:

meteor build ../ --architecture os.linux.x86_64

scp ../YourProject.tar.gz root@YourIP:.

#login to your server

tar xvfz YourProject.tar.gz 

(cd bundle/programs/server && npm install)

MONGO_URL=mongodb://..... ROOT_URL= node bundle/main.js

We are using forever to keep the app running if the server reboots. Also we are hosting our own mongodb Server. But for that you can use a provider. Normaly 500 MB are free.

I hope I could help you out.


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Hey Fabian,

Thanks for your reply - it’s a bit unclear (as for a first-timer) would Galaxy work with my Meteor/Apollo/Graphql/React - and would I have to do separate builds for the front end?

Perhaps there is a tutorial for this specific case that you (or someone) could point me to?

Would much appreciate if you could elaborate on the above!

Many thanks!


Yes it should work. Because Galaxy is the hosting platform for Meteor.
But I haven’t used Galaxy. I think another person should answer your question.


You can use Galaxy for this use case ( I do ).

I have found answers to my question inside this guide :

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So yesterday we had a problem with hosting our app.
forever kept freezing our app when multiple users subscribed simultaneously. Our Core exploded to 145 % CPU usage…

Now we are using pw2 to start our app an so we can run up to 8 instances on the same time.

Yes we are having a dedicated Server to host our app with 8 Cores and 16gb of RAM. :slight_smile:

If you have specific question you can contact me personally and I will help you to set everything up.

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