How to implement in-place edit form for todo tutorial?

I would appreciate on some pointers or advice on how one would implement an edit form within the context of todos tutorial.

I would like to click on a link or submit button to edit the “to do”, and an edit form would appear to edit the text of the todo. Clicking save would persist the item and and remove the edit form. I would also like to have a cancel button that would close the edit form.


Have you seen the full version of the tutorial app? It’s available here:

All features that you mentioned are implemented.

I did review the entire tutorial. This is something different. I understand that there are edit controls that edit the “is it complete” and “is it private” attributes, but this is displayed all the time. How can we render different controls here based upon what user choses to edit? Thanks

I see what you mean now. The code to do what I want is in the todos source code. I will have to figure out how it works. Thanks for the pointer.

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