How to implement Privacy policy & cookies consent in meteor?

Hi all,

I am a newbie in using Meteor and wanted to implement, Cookies Consent Alert Message whenever a new user is using this web application. Can anyone suggests if there is any plugin available or if not Kindly suggest me how to implement the same.


something like this (reactjs) but maybe you want to replace confirmed with consentAlertMessage:

    setCookie = () => {
        const expiration = moment()
            .add(1, 'year')

        document.cookie = `confirmed=1; expires=${expiration}`;
        this.setState({ showCookie: false });

    cookiesConfirmed = () =>

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This really depends on your application. If you use Cloudflare I think they have an addon (or whatever it is called) that will deal with it.
In general you will want to have some message come-up somewhere on your page. This is most often a modal or footer notification that has the legal text and an accept button. For non-users you can just store the information in a cookie or localStorage. For your users you can save that information on their profile or assume that since they accepted your TOS on registration that everything is fine and you don’t need to worry about a thing.

If you want a more robust method of storing legal consent I have made a package to help with that: