How to implement system Alarm Clock in my applications (meteor and react)?

I want to implement an alarm that is similar to system alarm. or Any Intent that i can use to set system alarm from my application.

If any one do it before or know how to do it, your help is appreciated.


Any one to help please ??

What exactly are you building? Do you mean desktop notification ? If it’s simply some reminder, just use setTimeout.

@daveeel, nop, I’m building an smartphone application;

Haven’t done that. Probably you need some plugin like this one?

I did wrap some Cordova plugin as Meteor package though, not too hard if you look into those open source meteor packages.

I saw that one before, but I don’t find it in atmosphere, or find some tuto for how to use it,
So its a liitel bit hard for me to paly with it.

Any way, Thank’s à lot @deveel

Depends on what you mean. Do you mean like the check out process of AMC theaters, where it only gives you a few minutes to complete your purchase?

@cordiv set a simple system alarm, that what I means

Like, that plays sound at a certain time…?
You could insert into a database and then run a cron that happens when it is ready

@corvid it is like to set the phone to remind you to do a task at a given moment

I think you want local push messages:

You can add a date and time for them moment to show it to your user even if your app is not active at that moment. That’s why you should use the native solution because a non-running app cannot handle this.

@lucfranken Thank’s, I’ ll get a look on it