How to implement Tips/Payments

Hi gents/gals, I am looking for a way to implement payments in my Telescope app, so my users can maybe run their own SaaS in their posts if they wish to. I know there is stripe and paypal, and will try them both, but they have some restrictions (like having a banking account in the US). I need this app to be as open as it can be, so I am also looking at bitcoin services too.

Greetings @Tremz :slight_smile: FYI, Stripe does also support international payments in 21 countries. Although some are beta/private beta the point is stripe is moving towards supporting many types of international payments. Stripe also supports bitcoin payments as well. google stripe bitcoin and you will find the link. If you are looking for more thorough international payments check out braintree. - which is actually a subsidiary of paypal. Largely because of this, braintree also has very simple paypal integration (which in the past has been a rather complex integration.)

Cheers. Hope you find this information helpful! Alex :slight_smile:

Heya thanks for the reply mate, I will def checkout Braintree when aviable in my country… it seems more peer-to-peer friendly, thats just what im looking for ;D.

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