How to import a css framework into the app?

I am trying to use Wing css framework ( with Meteor 1.4. I installed it via npm, but I am not able to import it into the app. The styles are not getting applied (checked with Inspector). Can anybody tell me how to do this?

Putting it in client imports works for me. Like in base starter

Hey thanks!!! :+1:

It worked…but I had to include node_modules in the path like this

import '../node_modules/wingcss/dist/wing.min.css';

Don’t know how it worked in base without including node_modules in the path.

In the documentation :

Run npm install wingcss, and link to ./node_modules/wingcss/dist/wing.min.css

So in your layout, define this import.
Or your can use the cdn or website.

Another solution, get the wing.min.css and put it on the client folder.

How would you implement that in Meteor?
I tried with import, no luck, see: