How to import a third party js library in meteor-blaze?

Hello, I need urgently your help.
I am going to use third party js library in meteor-blaze application.
Who has experience with it?

Hello there! Do you have a reproduction or example of what you need to do?

If it is installing using NPM, you can follow our docs. It should have almost everything you need to use npm packages in meteor projects.

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Thank you for your reply. What I have to do is to integrate DWT npm package into Meteor-blaze application. A dwt is a npm package for scanning.
after intall the npm package, I have imported the library file for scanning.
and then I have built scan.html and scan.js according to their guide.
but I can’t call scan service api.
what is the difference between meteor-blaze, React and Angular for using third-party library?

I think is mostly the same! Do you have an example or reproduction so I could help more precisely? Not sure if I understood correctly what is happening.

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