How to import npm package with "exports" field in package.json

Today I installed firebase-admin package and followed the document:

import { initializeApp } from 'firebase-admin/app';

but I got the error:

Unable to resolve some modules:
If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:
  meteor npm install --save firebase-admin

The inside of firebase-admin/package.json has this exports block:

"exports": {
    ".": "./lib/index.js",
    "./app": {
      "require": "./lib/app/index.js",
      "import": "./lib/esm/app/index.js"
    "./app-check": {
      "require": "./lib/app-check/index.js",
      "import": "./lib/esm/app-check/index.js"

Does anyone know how to work with npm package like this?
Thank you.