How to install a Meteor Application on Desktop?

Hey, looking to bundle up an app in Electron.

So, how would I create an installer that runs Meteor?

Would I need the new system to just install MongoDB, NodeJS, import the data, startup Mongo all from a command line script or soemthing?

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Don’t have a lot of time to go in-depth at the moment, but I’ve been using a personal fork of It might need some work to update to the latest versions of meteor etc. (One of the reasons I’m using a forked version)

Essentially when you package an app to .app or .exe it builds the meteor project using the regular meteor build tool, so you end up with a normal nodejs project. When you open up the executable it will start a node and a chromium process for electron. The package mentioned above then automatically starts the meteor project in the background and when done opens up the url in chromium.

In practice for the user this means when they open up the app they see a splash/loading screen, when done the actual app starts and the app window shows.

You don’t need to configure much yourself, although running into issues might be slightly frustrating (it took a while to adjust so it fit my needs and was stable). You’ll end up with an electron app that automatically starts mongodb and your meteor project and have the ability to communicate between the electron, the meteor and the chromium process (use case
example would be to resize the screen by clicking a button in the interface for example).

A solution that is more up-to-date (I think) is this: Announcing meteor-desktop
If I were to redo the desktop project I would look into meteor-desktop first.

Good luck!



Thanks for the post bro!

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