How to install ghost as an npm module in meteor?

My question is simple, how do I get a ghost blog as a subdirectory ( on meteor via the latest version, i.e. npm. There are guides for installing it via other methods, but how do I install it?

I’m new at Meteor, Javascript, but would like a Ghost blog. I tried the other guides and couldn’t get it started.

I am developing on my windows 10 machine, then pushing it to my site via meteor-up. I have an amazon aws free tier server on ubuntu, latest version.

I would appreciate any help! :wink:

you try the ghost slack channel?

I just joined, thank you!

note sure what you’re needs are, but this is a pretty nice solution for a “what’s new”/“changelog” type site

mention uses it:

This is not something I can load onto my site, but just a changelog hosted on their own site. Is there code I can download and put on my own site to accomplish the same thing?