How to install mocha, chai?


my name is frank I would like to learn to use mocha, chai, to test jquery/javasript programparts, but I need help to install it. I have windows 7, I learned from my research , I need node.js but I don’t know what to do. as I type npm… I get the error npm is not recogmized, I made mistake, obviously, at the moment I have no idea hot to get farther, please help me, thank you, frank
ps: I installed node.js, and running npm -v, I’ve got the error msg: referenceerror: npm is not defined. this is what I used:


Your question is a bit weird, but in Meteor app you need to add meteor before your npm command.

For example:
meteor npm i

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I am sorry for inconveniences but I am very beginer, at the moment even struggling to instal and be able to run mocha. I downloaded node.js and installed it. as I clicked on it, I got a command prompt, where I typed te npm… command, where I got the above mentioned error message. I don’t understand the whole thing, please help me, thank you, frank