How to install Polymer?!

Hey guys,

I have been struggling with Polymer + Meteor for a few days now. I previously worked on another app using Polymer w/o Meteor and had no problem. I have tried loneleeandroo:polymerize to install polymer and installing polymer by myself. Both of the methods threw some errors at me. Can someone please show me the correct way to install Polymer?

There seems to be incompatibilities between Meteor and Polymer 1.0. Check out meteor-polymer-test to see what works and stuff that I can’t make it work. The http://localhost:3000/demo works but once you dig into details, you will see that not everything will work properly.

I am hoping meteor/issues/4528 can provide a solution soon.

Good luck! - and do let me know if you get good progress as I am also kind of stuck with this.

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Thanks! I will take a look at it!

@skaxwng what errors are you seeing? I use bower to install the components into the public directory and use the differential:vulcanize package to manage the html imports.

I tried using Vulcanize and got the following error:

 While building the application:
   native: Unexpected token / (compiling config.vulcanize)
   at Object.parse (native)
   at Package (packages/vulcanize/vulcanize.js:118:1)

And if I use Polymer without vulcanize, I couldn’t get some of the elements to work. For example, paper-item. I have read a few posts about the problem. It seems like it’s got something to do with shadyDom and I don’t know how to fix it.

Reference: Polymer 1.0 and iron router or flow router

I tried using loneleeandroo:polymerize since the author has already fixed the shadyDom problem. But, I had two problems while using it:
(1) [SOLVED] infinite-loop while loading a page
(2) Successfully deployed to server but website crashed.

Do you have any ideas how I should install Polymer in my meteor app? Thanks.

@skaxwng can you post your .vulcanize file? Maybe missed a comma or something?