How to install socialize:messaging@1.0

I wanted to know what is the best way to install socialize:messaging v:1.0, in my project.

As I can see it’s a devel branch on github.

If I download it to ‘packages’ directory in the root, & then install, how will it fetch dependencies. Should all dependencies also be downloaded to the ‘packages’ directory in the root of the project.

@copleykj asked me to use this version for my app, bcoz I wanted to add flag, & star functionality to my app, on top of social:messg.

Hi, I have created a gist of the needed commands to get the dev version into your project, so you can cherry pick from it.

Right now I’m going through all the packages to see if we haven’t missed anything and after that, I feel that @copleykj will do 1.0 release on Atmosphere, so if you can afford to delay for few days it will be on Atmosphere.

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@camacazze All packages have now been published to atmosphere for you enjoyment and delight. If you have any questions about integration, please let me know.


Many, many, many thanks!!

Just can’t thank u enough. Will start playing with them. Then tell.