How to integrate jQuery Mobile with Meteor keeping JQM transitions

I’m new in isomorphic applications, but I’m studying Meteor 4 days ago. I have finished the Todo app - Tutorial and until then do not have many doubts. I just think this tutorial should be taught on how to use Routes.

ps I have experience with client-side routing from other frameworks.

My doubts are about organizing the execution stack and for the Directories Structure.

1 - Which router to use for my purpose: Kadira or Iron?

2 - In Todo app - Tutorial, I want to load the main app page to a route /app and leave / to an institutional page. How would I do this?

3 - User require() or imports to load external code insine a Route?

4 - Finally, how to integrate these routes with jQuery Mobile without losing the page transition resources?

ps2 I’ve tried reading Meteor Guides and some articles about Routing, but they don’t explain how face with the execution stack/Estructure or how to integrate with a HTML5 Mobile framework like jQuery Mobile.