How to keep CSS filename constant?

The service uses screen recordings and displays them in the backend, showing / simulating the old browser-code. It linkes resources like images and CSS from the original source, but this does not work with Meteor when the CSS files name like acd10ba4bfe883fa400821fe02d18471bce4d48a.css?meteor_css_resource=true won’t be available anymore.

Is there a way to rename the filename / renaming scheme for CSS files, so that previous links will still be linking to the current stylesheet? Imho it should be possible with a static filename and some cashbuster in the URL: merged.css?hash=123somehash456&meteor_css_resource=true

Thanks for the help!

The problem with this is it would break hot code push, the filename is currently the hash of the merged css file, to ensure it is unique and so the browser (and cordova) know it has changed. I don’t know of any way to get around this, would be interested to hear if it possible though

I will check this tomorrow, but I think this filename only changes on development mode, not in production?