How to keep exception to iron:router only on homepage?

How to inherit the iron:router on only “homepage”… like whenever visitors visit the website…i’d like the different look without using nav.For all other pages i want nav bar.but only for home ,i don’t.So how do you inherit the use of iron:router only for 1 page?

it is not iron:router, but Layout.
And if you want different Layout for / route, set it in / route definition.

You mean this?

Router.route('/',  {
template: 'register',
layoutTemplate: 'home'


Router.route(’/main’, {
layoutTemplate: ‘layout’

something like that, you have some default template.
and for particular route, you can define other one, so for example it would not have same header or so

Can we use like this?`

layoutTemplate: 'main' });

Router.route('/',  {template: 'TEMPLATENAME',layoutTemplate: 'home' });

Is this works?