How to know computer capability (CPU, Ram...) for the Meteor System Server?

I build the Meteor System for my company.
But I don’t know how to computer capability for the server such as CPU, Ram ,…
Have nay doc or tool?
Please help me.

By Meteor System, I’m assuming you mean some sort of intranet for your company.

There are no generic numbers, but a DigitalOcean 10$ is where you start. At least that’s what I would do.

No one can give you a formula or a way to calculate needed resources, but if you provide us with some info, we may provide you with some generic numbers. How many concurrent users, how many collections, how much data are we talking about here? How much data will the most used collection hold at any given time?

I create the POS System:

  • ~10 Collections
  • Order and Payment Collections has 5000 records per day
  • ~20 users login

First, a small disclaimer. I’m in no way an expert, and you should take my word for absolute truth. After all, required system resources may change dramatically with just an additional index or collection.

IMHO, what you explain does not need much resource. A DigitalOcean 10$ system should be more than enough (assuming you move previous order and payment records to a separate history collection).

Excuse me, Now I understand about DigitalOcean is Cloud Hosting.
But I would like to deploy my app on my own server.
Could you help me.

You were asking about system resources, that’s why I mentioned DigitalOcean. To give you an idea about resources…

Testing meteor’s performance is more difficult than with traditional client/server systems because of the client side rendering. There are some tools that can either simulate a full client such as PhantomJS or simulate a DPP connection to put load only on the server.

Last time I did some performance tests a workstation could handle hundreds of simultaneous connections. I don’t think you will have a problem with 20 users.

Check out Kadira’s tools for performance analysis.