How to link mac and windows development ide--- React native

Hi there i am so sorry if the title doesnt make that much sense.Im learning react native and so far it has been a good experience…i have a pc with win10 installed and a macbook pro 2010 both serve as my development studio.ive been trying to run both emulators on my mac(ios simulator and genymotion) but when i do open genymotion i cant work no more as the mac starts lagging like hell.So id like to handle ios app development on my mac and android dev on my pc.As i have them both before me id like to know of a way to share code between them so that when i write on my mac it automatically updates the same code on my desktop…I for now use VSCODE for react-native development.

How can i achieve such a configuration over my wifi without the need of github? :relaxed:

You’ll want to setup a file sync process of some kind between both machines. You can leverage cloud based services that handle this, like Dropbox for example, or look into solutions that synchronize directly. There are a lot of options for handling this, like setting up a custom rsync process between machines, or by using commercial software like GoodSync.

OOh i didnt know that … so if i want to look into directly synchronizing both platform i have to set up a custom rsync process

can you provide me with links for some free rsync softwares ?

sorry you gave me a hand, i tried to rip open your arm lool :yum: ill figure out the rsync command thank you