How to load an image by its url

I try to load an image in an img tag, from its url
My tag is :

The RESSOURES directory is at the same level as client, server, public
No error … but no picture !!!
I am sure of the path and name of the image.

Does anyone have an idea to solve my problem

everything under the folder /public is available under the url-path /

so you have to put your RESSOURCES into the public directory.

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Thank you for your answer.

Yes I know that and I use it for other images.
But RESOURCES is a very heavy directory and if I put it in public, I have an error when it starts the proxy. Then arrive a series of errors and meteor does not launch…

I think Meteor does a pre-load of the contents of the public directory.
So I’m trying to put that directory on the server and load the image as needed.

How can I do this ??