How to load the graphql queries from the server without defining it in the front end?

Now let’s say we are using a REST API. I have one endpoint like this: /homeNewsFeed. This API will give us a response like this:

    blockTitle: 'News',
    type: 'list',
    api: 'http://localhost/news'
    blockTitle: 'Photos',
    type: 'gallery',
    api: 'http://localhost/gallery'

Now after getting this we go through the array and call the respective endpoints to load the data. My question is, how to do this in GraphQL? Normally we define the query in the front end code. Without doing that, how to let the server decide what to send?

The main reason to do this is. Imagine we have a mobile app. We need to push new blocks to this news feed without sending an app update. But each item can have their own query.