How to localize/translate a string coming from a package

How can I localize or translate a string that coming from a package?

For example:
mdg:camera package has strings displayed like Take Photo, Close, Close Popup, Take A New Picture etc.

I can see the strings under .meteor/local/build/programs/web.browser/packages/mdg_camera.js:

  }, function() {                                                                                               // 81
    return [ "\n        ", HTML.BUTTON({                                                                        // 82
      class: "button shutter"                                                                                   // 83
    }, "Take Photo"), "\n      " ];                                                                             // 84
  }), "\n      ", HTML.Raw('<button class="button cancel">Cancel</button>'), "\n    "), "\n  "), HTML.Raw('\n\n  <canvas id="canvas" style="visibility: hidden"></canvas>') ];

But this is the local directory which I do not want to track with git. So am I able to create a workaround like mdgcamera.strings.takePhoto = "Blabla". If yes, how can I achieve this?