How to login by weChat account in meteor V3?

Thanks for the meteor developer, there are some accounts-ui packages: accounts-facebook , accounts-github , accounts-google , accounts-twitter , or accounts-weibo to use. However, there are over one billion wechat users and no “accounts-weChat” UI package. Does anyone can help me how to login account by wechat in meteor V3? Thanks very much.

Note: It seems like that there is a account-ui-wechat package in older meteor version.

There will be need to find an up to date package for WeChat and also make sure it is updated for Meteor 3. Most of the OAuth packages are almost identical, so if you know the endpoints you can copy one of the existing core OAuth packages and adjust the endpoints and retrieval of data.

As to why there is no official WeChat package (or why Weibo might not work) is because none of the people developing core have access to these networks.

Thanks very much storyteller. I will learn and try according to your suggestion.

I did a live stream on how to build an OAuth provider in the past:

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