How to maintain/replace browser history


I am using React and employing the createContainer method to gather data, that then inserts it into the component. The component contains a form the the user submits and saves some information to the database. If the user moves onto another page in my application, then comes back to this page, I want the form to be populated with the previously saved information - not sure how to do this!?


export default createContainer(({ params }) => {

    const dataHandle = Meteor.subscribe('MyPub');
    const dataIsReady = dataHandle.ready();

    return {
        data: dataIsReady ? MyColl.find().fetch() : []

}, MyComponent);


export default class MyComponent extends React.Component {

    constructor(props) {

        // This saves something to the database and receives a Mongo _id.

        return (
                <button onClick={}>Save</button>