How to make a subscription faster?

Classic question I guess, but I am at a loss here. I have a subscription with a response time of around 2000 miliseconds. I am using publish composite, and the collections I am using are looking like this:
parentCollection: 2500 documents total, 1 returned
childCollection1: 33194 documents total, 14 returned
childCollection2: 4600 documents total, 14 returned
childCollection3: 250000 documents total, 14 returned

All the queries are made on indexed fields, and I don’t see any latencies on the db side in compose.

Is this normal for this scenario?

Are you using meteorhacks:kadira? That should give you a great insight of whats going on during the publish time (not sure if it works with composite).

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Yes, I am, but not having the paid plan at the moment, so all I get for free is the response time of the subscription. I guess I should put some logging inside that publication and check the bottleneck. But still, even if I pinpoint, I’m still at a loss on what can be improved. But I’ll post more updates as I progress

The traces are even available in free plan, they are just below the summary, there you should see a breakdown of the sub.

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Yep. You can use Kadira for this. FREE plan is more than enough.
If you can replicate this locally, use Kadira Debug.

You can see traces and more information with that. See:

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@davethe0nly @arunoda Great! I guess DDP timeline would be of great use on the local version, as it seems to provide more info.
Right now, what I see in the trace, on the production version is
"observe on publicationName 2125ms".

If I don’t care about reactivity on this publication, is there a way to avoid the observer part? I know one way would be to use methods, but, please correct me if I’m wrong, if I use a method instead I wouldn’t have the data available in minimongo on client anymore.

You could do a client side only collection with collName = new Mongo.Collection(null) and insert the data. I don’t think it is a good idea, I think using {reactive: false} should give u an unobserved publication.

reactive: false is only on client, DDP and publish part are still reactive - at least if we are talking about Cursor.find()

Use method
Or low level publish API (in meteor docs is great example - but instead of observers you just fetch it and send to client).

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Probably methods are the way to go.
Can you point me to any article/package that makes this a bit easier to manage. Giving up the client side collections seem to be a big cost and I’m wondering if that can be avoided