How to make the user autologin after calling Accounts.createUser from a method


Is it possible to make the user automatically log in after calling the Accounts.createUser from a method? I just learnt that the Accounts.createUser only returns the userId on the server side.

‘users.register’(username, password) {

  let _userId;

  check(username, String);
  check(password, String);

  _userId = Accounts.createUser({
    email: username,
    password: password

  Roles.addUsersToRoles(_userId, 'normal-user');



It will work only when you use Accounts.createUser on the client. If you use it on the server side you can create callback on the client side and use Meteor.loginWithPassword(email, password); This is what I do in my sId package here .


Thanks so much @juliancwirko. It worked.