How to measure performance of a Meteor App?

Hi Everyone,

I have integrated Monti APM for measuring the performance of Meteor App. How could I determine the analytics out there is good, is there any benchmark for measurement of the same.

Also, is there a way to improve the subscriptions by using the Monti APM.

Any help would be appreciated.

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From the top of my head I can’t remember benchmarks being available for Meteor performance, in production, on different server configurations - if this is what you’re asking for.

Also, Monti APM is a monitoring system, like Nagios for instance. It will tell you how your server resources are being used, but won’t automatically improve that usage. How could it?

I suggest you start by reading this amazing resource, where you can learn how best to manage your subscriptions and data loading. Then try the redis-oplog package if your pub/sub problems are caused by large batch updates/inserts in Mongo.

It’s always good practice to test your usage and improve based on results. Here’s an older answer regarding a potential approach: Starting a new project on eCommerce platform, and confused on which JS stack to use? Between MeteorJs and AWS Amplify, which one should we choose and why?

Good luck.