How to merge two ios or android projects?


Our team is developing ios, android app using meteor and I am in charge of deploying projects and I faced problem…

When I build mobile project, I should command like below

meteor build ../deployedApps2 --server=....

it gives me two mobile projects.

I already had the project is configured for uploading ios or android market. ( it also created by meteor build ../deployedApps1 --server=.... )

Therefore, I need to merge previous ios project( configuration in it , …/deployedApps1/ios/project ) and new ios project ( new featrue in it , …/deployedApps2/ios/project ).

I think that I tried to use ‘git merge’ . it means that two projects has it’s own git repository and merge them.

Is it right approach or not? it there any nicer way to merge mobile projects code??

Thank you!

I found the way to solve the problem.

I am not sure it is the best or not.

In cordova project, www/ folder contains web artifacts. If you just add feature through meteor project, the www/ folder will be changed.

So you need to delete www/application/ folder from previous project and then copy www/application/ folder from new project.

if you have two seperate repository, you need to merge new project on previous project ( market configured project )

$  // at root on previous repository
$  rm -rf www/application
$  git checkout newFeature/master -- www/application  // just bring www/application folder content from master branch on newFeature remote repository 
$  git commit -m 'merge two projects!'

Is there anyone find better way, please share !
Thank you!