How to migrate the DB from Compose back to the same server the app is hosted on

I had high hopes for my little project and decided to host the DB on Compose from day one. I deployed the app to DO with MUP and put the DB on Compose.
No need to pay $18 a month any more and I’d like to move the DB back. What are the steps I should take to do this?


Download the DB files, shut the server down for maintenance, spin up a new instance, deploy with mup for mongo and Meteor, ssh into the instance, restore the new DB from the old DB files.

Thanks. I’m currently on an older version of Meteor. Would I have to upgrade it and mup before I do this?

Mup should work with your Meteor project’s version.

Thanks again. I’m also tempted to just drop that old db and start fresh. Save me a step.

Updating the post in case someone stumbles across this post in the future.

I pulled the trigger on this today. In the end I decided I didn’t need to preserve the old db from Compose and my app has a feature that by default populates the tables with some core data anyway.

I first edited the mup.json, set the “setupMongo” to true and got rid of the MONGO_URL and MONGO_OPLOG_URL from the env config. I then tried to redeploy the app (via mup deploy) but the processed failed due to not being able to start mongod.
I re-executed mup setup and then redeployed without problems.

The only other thing of interest was that my little $5 droplet wasn’t able to handle the app now that it had to deal with the DB and would run out of memory and fail. I added a swap file and this took care of that.

$18/mo saved. I’ll come back to Compose in the future if I ever build an app that actually does get some users…