How to monitor package download progress?


I’m a little growing impatient because I’ve been waiting for a long time and I don’t know how much of them are downloaded. I’m not sure if it’s stuck or it’s just taking a really really long time.

Is there any way on my Mac to see the progress of its downloads?


Any ideas? it’s been 3 hours since it initialized downloading.


any luck with that?

I’ve been getting Downloading 66 packages for almost 2 days! I can tell something is actually being downloaded because I’m watching the hard disk memory dissapear by several GBs. Is it really that large? Several (like 4, 5, or 6+ Gigbytes)!!! Just going to keep waiting I guess …


Yeah, so the problem was the app I was working with did not support meteor 1.4. Make sure your app meteor release version matches with your current install meteor.


What if I’m just beginning a new Meteor app?

In my case, I was just going thru the basic Meteor tutorial, and setting up a new Meteor app … then the downloading started (like 2 days ago, and still going) … is this normal when starting a new app for the first time? How many GB is the download?

meteor --version
Meteor 1.2.1

Should I stop the download and update to 1.4 before starting a new app?


Yeah maybe check the meteor folder and check the release version?


Okay, yea … I’m now just updating meteor … but that is also taking several days (?!)