How to navigate to new 'microservice' app within my meteor app

I have an application that I built as a weekend project to test out a new idea. This app was really intended to be a feature within a larger meteor app that is already built, but my problem is this new app uses a number of conflicting front-end packages that make it hard to integrate with the older app (react+react-router+ionic vs iron-router+blaze).

What I would like to do is, instead of re-writing the new app using iron-router+blaze, I would like to set up the app as a separate micro-service that uses the same db.

The problem I am struggling with is figuring out how to navigate to the new app within by current app, telling the browser to load a whole new meteor app? I’m not great with managing dns systems, so do I need to hard link to a separate domain within my larger meteor app? I would like the smaller app to live at a url such as Is this possible? Would I have to set up a /smallerapp subdomain with a cname record? Many thanks!