How to obtain the user subscription handle?

I need to obtain the handle for the default subscription which provides Meteor.user(). More specifically, I need to register a callback on the readiness of said subscription. Even more specifically, I need to differentiate between a not-logged-in-user and a not-yet-loaded-user.

Any ideas?

Have you looked at Meteor.loggingIn()?

See and

I have but I don’t understand the significance of those methods with my problem.

I’m not trying to determine if a user is logging in. I’m trying to determine whether the user subscription is ready.

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I believe that on the client if Meteor.user() if false and Meteor.loggingIn() if true, it means that the subscription is not yet ready (i.e., when the subscription is ready Meteor.loggingIn() is false.

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That worked… Thanks a lot!

By the by, this method perhaps deserves a better name?

… or at least a better description of what it means in the context of the user subscription.