How to optimize and scale Meteor projects?

App performance can be tricky for everyone. However, applying a few fundamental things to your work routine can significantly help reduce such captiousness.
Below you’ll find my latest article on how to get things better in this area and bring your app performance to another level and clear the path for app scaling.
Here’s the link - How to optimize and scale Meteor projects | Vazco Blog
Would love to hear your feedback, whether you found it helpful.
If you’re interested in other performance-oriented topics, drop the line, that would be great, too.



Thank you for the article!

I would also like to advertise the talk " First steps on scaling Meteor realtime data" from Paulo Mogollón from Meteor Impact which touches on the same topic as well:


I would like to add some ideas:

  • Try to reduce using pub/sub as possible, use method instead
  • Use “additional collection” to publish changed events.
  • Move files, images … to somewhere, not on your server because you may need to run multiple node servers (horizontal scale)

Let me explain more about using “additional collection”
For example, you need to fetch a list of documents, but you use method to load them, so you won’t see any change when they’re updated.
You can use a collection, let’s say updates collection. Every time a document updated, you update ONE record in updates collection. Then on the front-end, you will subscribe to that ONE record only, instead of subscribing to hundreds of records. When you see the change, you call methods to load it again, or load more or load the just updated document only.

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