How to override "Required field" error messages for meteor-accounts

I’ve been playing with the meteor-accounts package today, and I’m really impressed! Such a time saver. But I can’t seem to change specific error messages related to fields that are required. I only get “field: Required Field” which isn’t the most user friendly response. How do I define these error messages?

Realized this forum might not be the best place to ask such a package-specific question. Tried deleting the post, but can’t seem to find any option to do that.

Hello @michaelevensen!

There are still a few non-configurable texts for useraccounts packages: see these lines.

I added more text configuration options to the latest 1.9.1 release, but I have to admin I forgot about that ones.

I’ll try to remember this for the next one! :wink:

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Perhaps these forums need a new category: Packages.
anyone know how to get the moderators attention?

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Sounds great! Great job on the package @splendido


It should be available now with 1.10.0

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