How to paginate simple-todos demo?

I am looking at Meteor pagination today.

I am interested in this repo:

The initial code shown looks simple:

this.Pages = new Meteor.Pagination("collection-name");


    {{> collection-name}}
<template name="collection-name">
    {{> pages}}
    {{> pagesNav}}  <!--Bottom navigation-->

I want to paginate this demo:

The code I see there simplifies to this:

Tasks = new Mongo.Collection("tasks");

if (Meteor.isServer) {
  // This code only runs on the server
  Meteor.publish("tasks", function () {
    return Tasks.find({})})}

if (Meteor.isClient) {
  // This code only runs on the client
  // ...


      {{#each tasks}}
        {{> task}}

<template name="task">

Perhaps my brain is a bit slow today.
It is not obvious to me how to paginate the above code.

How do I use

to paginate the above code from simple-todos?