How to pass data down meteor routes


Please see attached picture on what I am trying to do. I need to be able to access an inputted email address from within another template and route. let me know if you need anymore information. This has been killing me.

templates> createChat.html

<template name="chatList">
	{{#if currentUser}}
		{{> messagesCount}}
		{{> searchContacts}}
		{{> createChat}}
			{{#each chatList}}
				<li><a href="{{pathFor route='messagesList'}}">{{recipientEmail}}: {{lastMessage}}</a></li>


Insert Name Here
  {{#each messagesList}}
  	<li><input type="checkbox" {{checked}}> {{name}}: {{message}} [<a href="#" class="delete-message">Delete</a>]</li>	

{{> createMessage}}

lib > routes.js

//this makes the chat threads into links
	//give our raouter a name to prevent broken links
	//associate the chats list with these pages
	//using this we pass data into a route from within the associated function
	data: function(){
		var currentList = this.params._id;
		var currentUserId = Meteor.userId();
		return ChatList.findOne({_id: currentList, createdBy: currentUserId});
	//this is a hook that will make it so a person who is not logged in will be directed to the login page instead of a messageslist
		var currentUser = Meteor.userId();
			//logged in - this tells the router can just do what it would normally do. this is required;
		} else {
			//not logged in - this routes them to the login template i try to access any of the messagesList and are not logged in