How to prevent incremental Blaze rendering

Hi for everyone.
Does anybody know how I could rerender a part of Collection items fully. Lets imagine I have a list of cards. The list is rendering with #{each} for Collection.find() with some sort and has no more than 20 items.
I get the list from subscribtion.
Onthe first render all is ok. But then I change subscribtion arguments. I keep subHandle until new sub is ready so while new data is coming I have the same state and the same cards on a page.
Then the hell begins.
As new data is coming (by portions) my new documents appeares in a Collection. During this my view is rerenders a few times and all the cards changes their positions. After sub is ready I kill previous one. So next all unmatched documens are about to delete from Collection. And I see that a huge part of DOM is dissapeares.
How can I prevent this behaviour. Could I stop observing forCollection.find() till all new data is coming?