How to prevent okgrow:analytics to send stats from localhost?

Hello guys,

I am using the okgrow:analytics package for google analytics on my meteor app.
How can I prevent okgrow:analytics from counting my page loads when I am working on localhost?


Enclose your helper in something like this

Template.mainLayout.onRendered(function() {
   if (Meteor.isProduction) {
     Tracker.autorun(() => {
       document.title = Router.current().route.getName();

What view layer are you using? React, Blaze…etc?
I see the project is not maintained so if you use React, Google Analytics and React Router, I can give you an easy install for this environment, based on the official Google Analytics NPM.

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Thanks for your reply.
I am using Blaze, I couldn’t add Google analytics directly without the okgrow:analytics package
I know the okgrow:analytics package package is unmaintained but I did not have another choice.