How to read a forum like this

I have built a couple of smaller (personal) projects in Meteor and really enjoy working with it. I am currently working on a big project that is pretty important to me and my business. I have read Discover Meteor and been through most of the tutorials in Bulletproof Meteor and they have both been exceptional teachers.

As a novice within the Meteor community I rarely if ever will have much input on questions here. Occasionally I might post a question or scan topics that might be relevant to me. But I can see that this forum is a great resource for someone in my position. My question is this…

How should I read or engage in forums like this, if my goal is to further my knowledge from novice forward.

Thanks for any input.

I’d suggest by reading.

In a few more words, I personally enjoy simply browsing and reading all the various issues, questions, or ideas people have and reading what solutions, suggestions, or even better ideas people in the community come up with. I don’t think there’s any magic way to absorb knowledge from a forum like this other than simply reading topics that sound interesting.


This is good place to start when it comes to asking questions: