How to read content in a csv file uploaded by ostrio:file?

Hi all,

I studied the ostrio:files examples and applied to my project to upload a csv file to the server.
Now I’d like to read the csv file content but don’t know where to start? Can someone help me find a solution?

I tried to configure the storagePath to the ‘private’ folder and use Assets.getText(fileObj._id + ‘.csv’) but it threw an exception kind of ‘unknown asset’.


Update: I could read the file content now. Here what I tried:

  • install the fs-extra package:
    meteor npm install --save fs-extra
  • in the event onAfterUpload, make use of the fs package, e.g.
    FileUploads.addListener(‘afterUpload’, function(fileRef) {
    fs = Npm.require(‘fs’);
    console.log(fs.readFileSync(fileRef.path, ‘utf8’));

// Reference: