How to redeploy server side code on server?


I have a meteor application on ubuntu server, i made some changes in server side code and its working fine on my local server but when i upload the build to the server using filezilla the code does not seems to work.

This is my code example…

Accounts.validateLoginAttempt(function (parameters) {
return false;

Please help.


What do you mean by it is nor working ?

Here you are preventing any login attempt, it this what you want ?


The code that i have written above is not yet complete. But as you said that it will prevent any login attempt and its working well on my localhost but when i make the build and publish this code to the server it does not seems to work.Users are able to login when i publish this code on server.


Hi sabativi, Are you able to get any idea how to fix this?


I do not know.
I would suggest to write a console log to know if in production it goes
into that function but I au pretty certain it does not.
How do you deploy to your production server ?


i used this command “meteor run --production --settings settings.json” to build package and uploaded the build folder under .meteor to the server using filezilla.