How to remove Blaze completely?


I want to remove Blaze from my Meteor+React project completely. But there is a dependency chain that makes Blaze stay:

meteor-base -> webapp -> boilerplate-generator -> spacebars -> blaze

These are all hard dependencies. And blaze remains in the .meteor/versions file no matter what I try. How can I remove it?


It’s only included on the server, so there’s no issue. Is there some reason you need it to not be included in the server-side code?


Thanks for the quick answer! I didn’t notice it’s server-side only. That’s fine then.

(Although, I don’t completely understand why Blaze is useful in the server-side code.)


We use it as a templating library to put script tags into some html


Unfortunately I am not able to remove jquery because of blaze. I can still see it in the bundle-visualizer (which I believe is client only perspective).