How to remove mini mongo

Is there any way to force the removal of MiniMongo from the client ?

I think it’s being pulled in by accounts-base, but I still what to use that package on the server. I also appears to be referred to by the ddp package, which I only need for the hot code push.

its pulled in by meteor-base, both by ddp and hot-code-push.

i would also like to know how to remove it

If you don’t need those packages, remove them from your .meteor/packages file

You’ll need to re-add the parts of meteor-base that you want to keep though, like webapp and es5-shim

Note: that mongo also has a dependency on minimongo, so if you still want to use mongodb you might need to look for a workaround for that. The obvious first option being to fork it into your local /packages/ dir and remove the dependency

the problem solved just the moment i wrote that message, because meteor 1.8.1 fixes that. hot-code-push no longer depends on minimongo :smiley:

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