How to remove test package in production

After I add bundle-visualizer and run my application in production mode, the …chai test package is still on the bundle, and there are other test packages as well, is that normal?

Meteor projects, unlike packages, can’t configure test only packages for some reason.

The package author should have added testOnly:true to Package.describe, but Practicalmeteor:chai hasn’t been updated in 3 years.

You could clone the package from github into your project’s /packages folder (create it if it doesn’t exist) and then edit the package.js yourself. Meteor will use packages from the /packages folder over atmosphere packages if you put them there.

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What is the command that you are using? If its the below:

meteor run --production

Then yes. --production does nothing more then simulating production minification and should never be ran in production! Instead use the below for testing:slight_smile:

meteor run --production --extra-packages bundle-visualizer

This will not install the visualizer, but simply runs meteor with it until you kill meteor again. For production deployments use the meteor build command like below:

meteor build /tmp/output --directory

Hmm, chai was the issue, not the bundle visualizer, but maybe that method could work for chai too!

meteor remove practicalmeteor:chai
meteor test --extra-packages practicalmeteor:chai

Thanks!! That’s what i want.

Also, chai can just be used directly from npm. practicalmeteor:chai is just an npm wrapper package (meaning the chai version you’re getting with that is probably also 3 years out of date!).

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