How to render a simple image in Cordova

Xpost from SO question but maybe I could get more help here.

I try to display an image asset in a Meteor/Cordova app.

As it is shown in this screenshot I can access an image from Chrome desktop but not by in Xwalk.
enter image description here

The actual path of the image is generated by adding http://localhost:12752/local-filesystem/ before the file path.
Note I have App.accessRule('*'); in my mobile config and asset is present both on the original apk and in the incremental bundle assets.

I have all my images inside public/ folder within the app bundle and then they are accesible directly from the app root. So to display an image public/images/image.jpg with HTML I would write <img src='/images/image.jpg'>.


Thx for your reply. Indeed a kind person gave the same answer in SO.