How to restart a deployed app remotely without accessing admin


I’d like to know if there is a way to restart a deployed app, without redeploy it.

like REST API approach etc.


You should be deploying your app with the necessary functionality to automatically restart in the event of failure. Most deployment systems do this for you. What deployment tool are you using?

(Hint: you may find Galaxy to be a much simpler option if you have no devops experience).


the purpose is we want to have another app which can automatically trigger the restart of the app.

how to achieve that?


Why do you need to do that?


a specific need of our application, we cleaned database, then the start of the application can insert of few data.


One approach could be to leverage how the older version of mup does this, with its mup restart action. Mup uses nodemiral to remotely stop/start the running Meteor app Node instance, over SSH. Relevant code:


Link broken. Any idea where that code went? Would be useful!